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Incluye traje con armadura moldeada para pecho, brazos y piernas, cinturon, mascara y guantes.

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  • Descripción

    Descripción de producto

    We know that you, like so many others, have walked through the woods and felt that something you couldn’t see was somehow nearby, watching you from the wilderness, just beyond your scope of vision. The danger is real, of course, though you cannot convince yourself that anything is there. Yet, you canfeel it. You trick yourself into thinking you can hear it. But, then, the trees seem to part and a branch falls out of nowhere. Still… nothing…

    Or, is it? A strange halo of movement, like the waving of air above a hot fire. And, was that a snarl? Is that thing… invisible!? Naturally, anyone would turn and run. This is a creature from out of horror and is no doubt here to leap upon you and tear you limb from limb, perhaps feasting upon you as a trophy of its victorious hunt. This is a predator that far exceeds anything on the food chain that you’ve ever before encountered! What else could it be!?

    Well, actually, it is our delivery man bringing you your very own Predator Adult costume. Now, technically, they aren’t supposed to wear the costumes in their delivery, so we’ll be sure to get you a brand new one, but it is at least good to note that the cloaking features we’ve been working on are getting some miles. This officially licensed jumpsuit has the alien scaley skin printed along with profound muscle definition. The molded shoulder, belt, chest, arm, and leg pieces show the power of this nearly supernatural hunter while the latex mask finishes off the look with its iconic dread braids and the maw-covering mask. Freak out your friends… but beware of that other alien and be responsible with your cloaking powers (sold separately).

    • 100% polyester
    • Officially licensed
    • Jumpsuit w/ printed scaly-looking skin and muscle definition
    • Molded shoulder, chest, arm and leg pieces
    • Molded belt w/ attached loincloth and faux leather pouches
    • Molded Predator gloves w/ realistic claws
    • Latex mask w/ molded jaw, braids and mask
    • Mask fits with elastic band
  • Información adicional

    Información adicional



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